Our policies


HMS is a private business agency that works in staffing and recruitment. We match the right candidates with the right companies after reviewing and scrutinizing their needs, nature of work, and cost-effectiveness. We have the ability to deliver highly qualified candidates so you can focus on strategic business goals. We also provide different packages in selective departments for selective chores. We provide highly qualified, professional and competent staff for companies, corporate or non-corporate.

Our quick-response consultants are highly professional and knowledgeable. We also provide temporary or contractual services on certain conditions and provide permanent staff on demand.

By outsourcing your recruitment search, we take the stress and hassle out of your already complicated work life. By saving your time, the trouble, cost of advertising, interviewing, and hiring and to provide a full client satisfaction with excellence.

Our aim is to be the leading company with the highest quality staffing within each industry, segment, and niche we serve. We endeavour to be a trusted partner and resource with a depth of knowledge, experience, and capabilities.

We provide our clients with skilled staffing consulting and training solutions in a timely and efficient manner. We make sure that we provide skilled and professionally trained staff members so we can satisfy all your requirements all at once. 


“To works in partnership with the organisations & employees to build a very progressive community where both can survive and live in harmony”

We understand the challenges and new goals corporate companies have set for the future after the Pandemic. In this world of uncertainties, we would like to be the agency you can always be certain stick through providing the best possible solutions to your staffing problems.


We do what we do with honesty & belief, encouraging the open exchange of ideas and opinions. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.

Our aim is to continually provide a superior, flexible, and personalised service to best fit individual needs.

We maintain an authentic and transparent approach in all our interactions.


Our ethics include:

Our well laid down process ensures that we and the staffs we provide are fully compliant with all legal and social requirements.

We believe in providing equal opportunities irrespective of their gender, culture, race, and ethnicity. As a business, we are dedicated in investing time and resources to provide advice to those we work with, and to promote D&I as a priority in everything we do.

Confidentiality is a vital part of our business as we are driven to protect the company’s interests and its customers as well as following the GDPR policies.

Our commitment to create positive long-term outcomes for both our clients and our candidates has elevated us as partners rather than a Staffing firm. We are known for in-depth industry knowledge and expertise with established networks and deep relationships.


Our mission is to commit to the community in which we belong, the environment in which we operate and the health and wellness of our people.  Wherever we can, we cut our use of natural resources and encourage our staff, suppliers, partners and clients to also support responsible and sustainable development.


We at HMS, work identifying the environmental impacts and minimize their adverse effects on the community, environment, and natural resources within their operations, while safeguarding the health and safety of the public. We also strongly urged to make a conscious effort to adopt environmentally friendly practices that help offset any negative effects of their businesses and services, such as pollution and hazardous waste. We as an organisation are conscious of the amount of harmful and non-harmful waste they generate, and recommend the implementation of systems that track, measure, re-use, and recycle discarded and unused material.

Code of Conduct

Our employees are briefed and trained with regards to the code of conduct set up by the organisation. We have complete transparency with regards to any breach of conduct. We are dedicated to source healthy, safe, sustainable, and premium products from our local business partners.

We work closely with partners that we trust and handpick the materials that meet our sustainability requirements. Implementing green procurement allows us to reinforce sustainable consumption practices within our daily operation. We prioritise working with local business partners, assisting in reducing the greenhouse gas emission caused during the logistic process and eliminating virgin plastic packaging materials.


We here at Hotel Management Services keep abreast of the latest innovations and technological developments and harness those that will benefit our customers and the environment.

Our Emphasis is always on Sustainability

Health and Safety

We are serious about safety

When it comes to colleagues, customers and others we encounter during our operations, we believe in putting safety as number one priority. We take our duty of care seriously and undertake numerous accident prevention activities including risk assessments, safety tours, periodic general inspections, audits, core skills training and accident reporting and investigation.

Hotel management Services has a structured programme that encourages employees to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety by suggesting better ways of working and highlighting any training needs. It provides a channel to contribute ideas and concerns and reinforce good practice with the aim of reducing accidents and incidents still further.

By monitoring Key Performance Indicators and sharing best practice across the group, we have embedded health and safety in our company culture.

Environment Policy

Manned Guarding

The safety and security of your staff, customers, buildings and goods is critical, so HMS provider’s a full security solution to protect both your personnel and your property.

Security officers throughout the UK are SIA approved and trained to the very highest standards, and we go to great lengths to provide you with the staff whose skills best complement your business.

All officers work under the careful direction of local management who understand your individual business and security requirements. While undertaking their duties, we encourage our officers to interact with customers to provide a personalized service – this is particularly relevant in public areas such as shopping malls and leisure areas where security guard presence offers peace of mind. In addition, staff receives market sector specific training, giving our teams the ability to transfer key skills from high profile hotels to shopping centers to high profile financial buildings and hospitals.

Electronic Security

We also offer electronic security systems; one of our key strengths is the ability to provide fully integrated systems and manned guarding solution.

Our security services include


  • Manned guarding
  • Mobile patrols
  • Key holding
  • CCTV
  • Alarm systems
  • Access control
  • Fire systems
Our security solutions provide you with the benefits you would expect from an international security provider, such as standardization and consistency of service, with the flexibility and easy access of a local management team.