HMS office and commercial cleaning services

HMS Office Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning Services

The cleanliness of your office environment can have a larger impact on your productivity than you might think. Many people are concerned with cleaning up their homes and keeping things nice and tidy, but fail to give the same attention to office cleaning. A clean office will ultimately help you keep your office organised. Remember, a clean office environment is a comfortable one and helps your staff work better.

Who are HMS Hotel Cleaning Services

We have an excellent reputation in providing first class cleaning services to many of London’s luxury hotels. We are proud to announce over the last twelve years that we have established many long-term contracts to provide tailor-made cleaning and housekeeping services to globally known brand hotel companies in London.

We at HMS manage many of London’s hotels housekeeping to cleaning, because we are capable of delivering a consistent and good quality service while remaining cost efficient and because it is a company with strong compliance procedures, which gives you a peace of mind. On request we are glad to provide you with references.

Why choose HMS Commercial Cleaning Services?

Our tailor-made cleaning contracts to suit your business specific requirements and help support and adapt ongoing needs to comply with any safe working practices you will need to implement during this ever-changing environment.

HMS office cleaning service is backed by a highly trained team of cleaning professionals to deliver the high standard of service that clients expect. Our team is also readily available on short notice and can be deployed at any time.  We can assure you of a clean and pleasant working environment for you every time and all the time.

We are professional

Our office and commercial cleaning services are done with professionalism and impeccable accuracy. We know that you want to have the perfect cleaning environment for your office and this is what we can deliver. We can clean environments of any size and niche.

We create customised cleaning plans to take into account the difference in size and niche so that the most effective cleaning is rendered. All companies are not the same, therefore, we treat each of the companies differently, but the cleaning is always done to perfection.

We at the HMS respect your confidentiality

We know that in an office environment there is a lot of sensitive data lying around. You would want to have absolute protection over these things, and when we come around to clean the office space, we respect this confidentiality. There shall be absolutely no interference with any of your property, and we are here to only give you the best office cleaning services. This is one of the core principles with which we perform our cleaning services.

We Meet the Regulatory Requirements

Our office and commercial cleaning service team is fully trained to meet the regulatory requirements of each type of client and have the appropriate PPE to ensure safe working practices are adhered to at all times. We have even developed our own unique range of “Total Defence” Eco cleaning products which meet the rigorous requirements of the CQC and deal with Covid-19 for your peace of mind.

At HMS we are committed to health and safety, sustainability and service. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, invest in time to understand their needs through our specialist sector expertise and tailor our operations to provide high quality services that meet your organisation needs. Our aim is to add value to the services provided by our client.

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